Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather can trace its roots to the Etruscan period, circa 800 BC. Although 2,500 years old, this leather has recently enjoyed a resurrection thanks to its environmentally conscious characteristics.

Vegetable tanning is a natural process that uses tannins found in tree bark and leaves which provide unique characteristics and color to the leather. This process can take up to ten weeks and gives the leather a subtle patina over time, while also preserving the integrity of the leather. Vegetable tanned leather is also safe and allergy friendly given the tanning process is 100% organic and uses no toxic chemicals or substances. This is why the inner side of every Patita Collar features genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather .


Saffiano leather is a textured leather recognized for its sophisticated cross-hatched finish. Saffiano leather was invented by Mario Prada who held the initial patent to the technique and produced it in Italy’s preeminent tanneries. The purpose behind the timeless cross hatched style is that it makes the leather completely resilient to scratches. A highly specialized stamping machine is used to give the leather its signature texture. Then a wax treatment is applied to give Saffiano its legendary durability and water repellency.


Epsom is an embossed leather. The embossing gives the leather a laminated appearance while adding rigidity which allows the collar to maintain its shape. Epsom leather is ideal for use as a collar thanks to its resistance to scratching and marking and ease of cleaning. These traits are what led to Epsom leather becoming a leather of choice for designer handbags.

The good news for fashionable dog lovers is that this lightweight leather is no longer exclusively found in designer handbags.


Patent leather elegant and formal. One finds patent leather shoes on the feet of men at black tie events. The preparation of Patent leather is similar to the other fine leathers up to the point of finishing where it is coated with lacquer. This is what gives patent leather its signature glossy look. This glossy finish also makes the leather water resistant and scratch resistant. And, of course, it gives the leather that classic shiny look becoming of high society.