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A Dog Collar 56,000 Years in the Making

56,000 years ago the idea for this product was born. The process of tanning leather has been traced back as far as 8,000 BCE or more to the point 56,000 dog years ago. All of the great civilizations from the Egyptians to the Romans and all of the infamous leaders From Alexander the Great Dane to the Shibu Incas. So what does this have to do with a leather dog collar company?

Steak Florentine

The Patita line of Aristocratico dog collars have been built for your dog based on 56,000 years of history. As artisanal traditions were passed down from generation to generation, there is one place where leather craftsmanship is synonymous with quality. Firenze. Florence, Italy. Generations of Florentine craftsman have passed on the techniques required for premium leather craftsmanship. Unfortunately, as the world learned these techniques could be automated, they followed suite and took the magic and quality out of leather in favor of mass produced lower prices. However, Patita aims to be a paw above the rest in everything it does which is why founder and CEO, Rocky B, turned his nose up to having anything but vegetable tanned leather touching his neck. Vegetable tanned leather is hand crafted and can take approximately two months to create a batch of leather. This is the reason that vegetable tanned leather products find themselves a place in the world of high couture on the runways of Milan, Paris and New York. While Rocky loves devouring a steak Florentine as much as the next German Shepherd, he likes it cooked like he likes his leather made by hand with love.

Faux leather is a faux pas (paw)

Don’t make the faux paw of having your dog step out in a faux leather collar. Faux leather can be harmful to your health and that of your fur baby. Faux leather is made using polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane and/or polyamide microfiber. Not only is Faux leather potentially harmful to your baby but it is also damaging to the environment. The process of creating faux leather leads to the material’s main components being released into the air, polluting the atmosphere. Vegetable tanned leather was 56,000 years ahead of the curve when it came to being organic. The tanning process combines organic materials and tannins derived from natural sources which yield the rich natural tones synonymous with vegetable tanned leather. Furthermore, faux leather does not have the durability of genuine leather, and is prone to peeling or cracking over time as well as losing its elasticity and being more prone to punctures and tears than genuine leather. On the other hand, authentic leather, if taken care of properly, has the durability to last for years and stand up to any of the challenges your pet throws at it.